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Synch Bands Elastic Shoe Laces

Synch Bands Elastic Shoe Laces

They are the first and only elastic shoelaces that adjust and lock comfortably & securely inside your shoe. You get the look of a normal shoelace with the convenience and comfort of a slip-on. Made with a specially designed elastic material, Synch Bands are the fun, cool and secure elastic shoelaces that convert any pair of shoes into safe, secure slip-ons. Durable metal bars are attached at each end of the elastic lace to easily lock the lace under your shoes eyelet. That way you can keep it simple and lace up your shoes like a normal shoelace or stylize them using multiple Synch Band colors or lace patterns. No matter how you use your Synch Bands, you will never have to worry about tying your laces again. They are perfect for all ages, boys and girls

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