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Figz Tramp Scoot Pro
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Figz Tramp Scoot Pro

- Handlebars are not included. Add your own bar. Fits SCS, HIC and IHC compression types.

The Figz Tramp Scoot Pro is the ultimate training and trampoline scooter, crafted after two years of dedicated effort to help you learn new tricks with greater ease and safety. It boasts a unique design and features that set it apart from any other scooter currently available in the market.

This scooter is perfect for practicing on various surfaces, including small ledges, rails, flat ground, and trampolines. Its features include a specifically designed Trampoline scooter headset (TM), weighted like a real scooter for a genuine feel, soft foam griptape suitable for shoes and barefoot use, a strong deck for practicing manuals and stalls, and a real scooter fork and integrated bearing design. The compression system is included to suit SCS, HIC, and IHC compression, and the scooter also features foam handlebar padding for protection, the ability to practice nose Manuel and Hang 5 balance tricks, and a strong non-flex deck for practicing grinds and stalls.

The Figz Tramp Scoot Pro is trampoline protected and has been tried and tested by professional riders such as Ryan Williams, Tommy Dang, Wazzeh, and more. It does not come with handlebars, but all suitable compressions are included, allowing you to put your own bars onto the training scooter for a personal touch.

This training scooter is built to help you progress your skills in the skatepark, giving you the confidence to try new tricks with fewer physical consequences