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The Scooter Station is your one stop freestyle scooter shop!

If you are involved in the sport of scooting then you want to buy your parts, scooters and gear from someone who knows what they are talking about. Here at the Scooter Station located in the Sutherland Shire Sydney we have been involved with freestyle, trick scooters since the first retail stock arrived in Australia in January 1999 and are happy to help you out with practical no nonsense advice in terms of what is the best set up, brand or model to suit your needs. We can also advise on the top brands to buy, where things are trending in overseas markets and the hottest accessories to give your machine a great custom look.

We stock everything that you could ever need and stock a huge range of quality freestyle scooters and Kick Scooters,  including Madd Gear, Crisp Scooters, District Scooters, Grit Scooters, Envy Scooters, Triad Scooters, Sacrifice & Mongoose Scooters,  Globber Kids & Adult Scooters, Ride 858 Scooters, Flavor, Ryan William RW Nitro Circus Scooters and a whole load more. We have dirt scooters, custom scooters and a massive stock of accessories and clothin including grips, helmets, a huge range of wheels, bars, clamps, forks and pretty much anything else you might need. 

We have been involved with aluminium kick Scooters since November 1998 when the first kick scooter samples arrived in Australia, and are experts on just about anything to do with scooters. We stock all of the best brands and can help you out if you are looking to customise and come up with something unique. We have been selling scooters in the Sutherland Shire for 20 years and have many loyal Scooter customers across Sydney, Helensburgh, the Illawarra and throughout Australia.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional freestyle scooter rider we have something perfect to suit your needs. 

Take a look at our online shop to see the full range of our freestyle and dirt scooters and accessories. If you have any questions or need advice on which model to pick then feel free to give us a call and we can take you through the various options available to you. Either order online or come in store and see over 110 different freestyle scooters on display.

Recently Added Items.

Root Industries Lithium SE Lotus Scooter, Triad Conspiracy Scooter, Triad Infraction Scooter

Flyte 115 Neo, Flyte 120 Scooter2018 Envy KOS Scooters, Triad Blackmail Scooter

Flavor Essence Scooter, Grit Fluxx, Grit Elite, Grit Tremor, Triad Delinquent Scooter

Sacrifice OG Hustler, Sacrifice OG Player, Crisp Blaster Scooter, Triad Fugitive Scooter

Envy Heist Scooter, Envy Soul Scooter, Envy Charge, Triad Racketeer Scooter

Globber Mini Kids Scooter, Globber Scooters, Envy Prodigy Scooter

Globber Kleefer Scooter, Globber Kleefer Scooter with Handbrake 

Globber 5 in 1 ScooterScootaheadz, Aztek Fountain Decks