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District DK253 Neo Deck
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District DK253  & DK150i Integrated Deck

Is it possible to improve a best seller? Yes we can. The new DK decks are totally redesigned and even improved. We made it a bit longer on request and changed all profiles, welding and assembling. The 253 the DK150 and DK150i has the well known District slide-in brake system but with improved flex and fitting. Also a welded front. Bottom prints are more mature and tech driven.

Comes complete with District Deck Tape.

Specifications : DK253
Weight - 1424g / 3.13lbs
Deck Length - 530mm / 20.8"
Width - 115mm / 4.5"
Headetube Angle - 82.5 Degrees
Concave - 3 Degrees

Specifications : DK150i

Weight: 1347g | 2.96lbs
Deck Length: 500mm | 19.6in
Width: 115mm | 4.5in
Headtube Angle: 80.3 degrees
Concave: 3 degrees