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ScooterHeadz for Scooters & Bikes
Scootaheadz are made to make your mini scooter look cool and fun. Will Fit most T-bar scooters and also bikes and trikes.
Includes a built in bracket to allow the scootaheadz to fit the bar. Made from flexible PVC and is totally waterproof for easy cleaning and will give years of enjoyment.

  • Includes
  • Pippa pony-pink
  • Lovely Lola-purple
  • Timmy T Rex-blue
  • Danny Dino-green
  • Cheeky Charly-brown
  • Pretty Pearl-white unicorn
  • Surfing Sammy-Blue Shark
  • Bella Pink Unicorn
  • Pretty pearl unicorn scootaheadz

Surfing sammy

Hello, this is how you turn your scooter into your
favourite friend: It's as easy as one, two, three.

Use your fingers to widen the gap of my neck, point my nose
upwards & slot me down firmly onto the horizontal bar
(no need to move the handle grips).step1
Now simply push my nose
down and forwards so I attach
to the vertical bar. Don't worry,
it won't hurt me!bd easyon 3
Wheeeee! I'm ready for
lots of adventures.