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Ride 858 Carbon Fade Bar
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Ride 858 Carbon Fade Bar
The first real carbon fibre scooter bar on the marker, the Ride 858 Carbon Fade Bar.

The Ride 858's bar uses patented technology using internal horizontal tube reinforcement and to then to make it even stronger the bar is wrapped in carbon fibre to boost strength even more. This combination can withstand impacts greater than the standard Aluminum and Chromoly Steel Bar.

858's Unique designs ensures maximum strength and comfortability, tested and recommended by multiple professionals around the world.
858 has the scooter scene in mind and when designing this handle bar, as the design is tall and wide and suits both the street and park demographic with its sleek design.

- 27" high by 24.5" wide with no clamp split, 
- Real 3k Carbon fibre wrapped 6061 T6 Heat treated alloy. with internal horizontal tube reinforcement. Additional sleek reinforcement gussets for that extra extra strength!
Ride 858 Carbon Fade Bar