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CORE Kids Foldy Scooter with LED Wheels
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The CORE Kids Foldy Scooter with LED Wheels, an exciting addition to our range of products this year. The Foldy1 is our first foldable scooter, combining convenience and fun for young riders.

Key Specifications:

Overall Height: Adjustable handlebar ranging from 640mm to 860mm

Age Range: Suitable for children aged 3 and above

Handlebar: Extendable with a height range of 630mm to 845mm

Grips: Super comfy 165mm foam handle grips

Headset: 360-degree spinning headset for smooth maneuverability

Wheels: LED light-up 100mm plastic spoked wheels

Bearings: CORE Premium Bearings for a smooth ride

Deck: Pro Boxed Scooter Deck measuring 440mm x 90mm

Folding Mechanism: Easy pull lever for quick folding

Weight: Lightweight at 2.78KG

Maximum Rider Weight: Suitable for riders up to 100kg

Perfect for Beginners:

The Foldy1 scooter is designed to introduce young children to the world of 2-wheeled scooters. With an adjustable handlebar height, it grows with your child, extending its lifespan and providing a comfortable riding experience.

Easy Storage and Transportation:

Weighing only 2.78kg, the Foldy1 is one of the lightest scooters available for kids. Its adjustable bars and folding mechanism make it incredibly easy and quick to pack away. This feature ensures effortless storage and convenient transportation.

Enhanced Maneuverability:

The 360-degree spinning headset of the Foldy1 offers a natural and responsive ride, akin to riding a bike. This feature enhances maneuverability, allowing beginners to easily control their scooter and enjoy a smooth and unrestricted riding experience.

Quality Checked:

At CORE, we prioritize the highest quality and strength in all our products. The Foldy1 scooter undergoes rigorous testing, with our professional team riding and evaluating its performance. This thorough quality control process ensures a reliable and durable scooter for young riders.

Important Note: The Foldy1 scooter is designed and engineered for transportation purposes only and is not intended for tricks or stunts.

Experience the joy and convenience of the CORE Kids Foldy Scooter with LED Wheels, a reliable and enjoyable ride for young adventurers.